Sunday, April 3, 2011

Severe Storm Risk for Starkville, MS

This is the current severe weather outlook according to the Storm Prediction Center.  Areas highlighted in dark red have the greatest risk for severe weather tomorrow (Monday).  Starkville is at the center of the 3 yellow rings.  Expect thunderstorms to move through Starkville late in the day, most likely between 4PM and 6PM.  These storms will contain strong damaging winds in excess of 70 MPH and very heavy rain.  Small hail is possible, however I do not think hail will be a huge threat tomorrow.  Some storms may develop out ahead of the main line earlier in the day which may contain strong winds and a slight risk of tornadoes.  Current models indicate thunderstorms developing along a line which reduces the risk for tornadoes. Given the fact that winds at the surface and aloft will be moving parallel to the front (from southwest to northeast) indicates storms will likely produce damaging wind gusts.  I will keep this updated as storms develop and progress throughout the day tomorrow.  Stay alert to changing weather and watches/warnings from the National Weather Service, which I will do my best to relay here and on Twitter/Facebook.

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