Monday, January 31, 2011

Severe Weather Expected Tuesday- Starkville, MS

This is the current severe weather outlook according to the Storm Prediction Center.  Warm air already in place along with moderate amounts of moisture ahead of an approaching cold front will create an unstable environment on Tuesday.  Areas along and south of I-20 have the highest chance of severe thunderstorms.  Any of these thunderstorms will be capable of producing strong winds in excess of 60 MPH and tornadoes.  Scattered severe thunderstorms will likely occur across most of the central portions of the state, however these areas will have slightly lower dew points and thicker cloud cover so the tornado chances are lower.  Thunderstorms will still have the capability of producing winds to 60 MPH though.  Areas north of Tupelo into Alabama, Tennessee, and northern Arkansas will likely remain cooler throughout the day which will keep thunderstorms from becoming very strong.

This map shows the most likely time for any severe weather to occur.  As thunderstorms develop during the morning hours in eastern Texas, they will push to the east throughout the day.  Most of the strongest thunderstorms will come into Mississippi by early afternoon and the Starkville area by sunset.  After sunset, most thunderstorms will weaken and dissipate except for areas along the Alabama coast and Florida panhandle.

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