Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow/Ice Forecast for Tuesdsay/Tuesday Night- Leesburg, VA

This is the current forecast for ice accumulations in Leesburg.  I have Leesburg receiving between 0.2 and 0.25 inches of sleet and freezing rain on Tuesday into Tuesday evening.  Areas to the east of Leesburg toward Fairfax and D.C. will see lesser amounts of ice accumulation because temperatures will be warmer at the surface.  Areas west of Leesburg in the Appalachian mountains may see a little more ice as temperatures warm slower.  The majority of snowfall will occur in Pennsylvania and New York.  At first it appeared temperatures would be cooler allowing for more precipitation to fall as snow, however the latest models show warmer air aloft causing precipitation to fall as sleet and freezing rain.  The precipitation may begin as a mixture of snow and sleet late Monday night into early Tuesday morning before becoming all sleet and freezing rain early Tuesday.  Temperatures will warm to just above freezing Tuesday afternoon before falling just below freezing by evening time.  Overnight as the center of low pressure nears, temperatures will warm again above freezing, causing freezing rain and sleet to change over to a cold rain.  Rain will continue overnight and end by early to mid morning Wednesday.  I will keep this updated as the storm develops.

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